Frank Mineo, owner of Puppies N Luv speaks out

Frank Mineo, owner of Puppies N Luv speaks out after Federal Judge ruled against his stores and in favor of Phoenix ordinance, banning retail sales of puppies.

The following editorial can be found August 11, 2015 edition of the Arizona Republic:

In this reponse, Mr. Mineo talks about his stores, his history with pet sales and his love for animals and a Phoenix law that would deprive families of their basic freedom to choose where they would purchase their pet.  Mr. Mineo also stated that in his ruling, U.S. District Judge David G. Campbell mentioned Mr. Mineo’s store actually did an exemplary job of buying puppies only from reputable licensed breeders, that the store works hard to buy puppies only from places where puppies have been raised in a humane and caring environment.

Interesting how Mr. Mineo’s stores are so targeted and yet, they probably comprise a fraction of a percent of the total dogs bought/adopted in the greater Phoenix area.  Phoenix plays host to a myriad of rescue organizations as well as several shelters and humane organizations, all deriving income from dog placement.  A quick glance at Petfinder brought up 78 organizations in the greater Phoenix area and I am sure there are more. 

Area animal advocates and the Phoenix city council are very concerned about where Mr. Mineo gets his animals – but who is questioning the sources for all the other dogs that come through Phoenix and surrounding Maricopa County?  With close proximity to the Mexican border, one can only imagine.

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