2015’s Best and Worst Cities for Pet Lovers

2015’s Best and Worst Cities for Pet Lovers – An excellent article written by Richie Bernardo that describes cities across the nation with the lowest to the highest costs and conveniences in veterinary care, dog insurance premium costs, veterinarians per capita, pet businesses,  most and least dog parks and most and least dog shelters per capita.

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, one can find another very informative piece written by Robert C. Speth, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Nova Southeastern University, College of Pharmacy in which he discusses the best economical way to acquire a healthy, sound pet.  Mr. Speth cautions his readers about obtaining bargain pets at shelters and later encountering huge veterinary bills for severe medical disorders unknown or undiscovered at the time of adoption.  One must beware of the lack of health and temperament history on any animal obtained from a shelter and use caution.

As with a used car, where it is wise to have the car checked out at your mechanic prior to purchase,  it would perhaps also be wise on the part of animal shelters and rescues to allow a prospective owners the opportunity to take their selected dog or cat to a veterinarian of their choice at their expense for a checkup prior to adoption.   Purchasing an animal through adoption or sale is a monetary as well as emotional commitment and it's always best to identify any hidden problems up front, if possible, before one commits financially and emotionally.

Mr. Speth touches on this quite well.  He also goes on to talk about pet insurance and making local cities more pet friendly.  To read this article in it's entirty, click here.

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