Adopt Don't Shop - A Dog?

What I am about to say it going to ruffle some feathers and I don’t care. I am tired of “rescues” running around the country shipping dogs in conditions that would get a breeder lynched to “save” the dogs. I am tired of breeders standing by saying but it’s “rescue”. I am tired of money being wasted flying dogs on private planes from one side of the country to the other so someone can feel good about themselves instead of spending the money that is s

pent on the plane trip really doing something for dogs locally. Every time I see that phrase “adopt don’t shop” I want to throw up!

If you get a dog from a rescue or a shelter you BOUGHT a dog. Legally dogs are property. We adopt children. We do NOT adopt animals!! Using the word “adopt” is a way to play you for a sucker, to play on your emotions, to make you feel good about “rescuing” a dog from a horrible fate in a shelter. Rescue is not a breed and shelters SELL dogs. Those are facts.

The “adopt don’t shop” mantra is propaganda pushed by the animal rights extremists who have a hidden agenda. They want to END all animal use – no zoos, no circuses, no rodeos, no research, no meat, no furs, no hunting, no fishing and NO PET OWNERSHIP. Every time you believe and spread the propaganda of the animal “rights” groups you are putting one more nail in the coffin of your right to own an animal. If you don’t believe that you can go read some of the books listed at the bottom of this article and educate yourself about the TRUE agenda of groups like PETA and HSUS.

Vets, groomers, trainers, dog publications, pet food and supply companies ALL make money off of dogs, why shouldn’t the breeder, who provides all those people with a living, also make a profit? Profit has nothing to do with whether or not someone provides proper care for their animals. Breeders dedicate their lives to their animals; providing for them, learning everything possible about them, constantly looking to improve their breeding program, their care of the animals and a good bit of any money made goes right back into those animals to make sure they produce healthy, happy, long-lived dogs. No one has ever been able to explain to me WHY breeders are villains if they make money? A breeder is the BEST source of a healthy, happy puppy. They have as much right to be paid for their work as anyone else involved with dogs.

Americans have been brainwashed by the AR propaganda to believe they should “rescue” a dog from a shelter. It’s the NOBLE thing to do. First of all – unless you ran into a burning building or dove into a raging river you did NOT rescue the dog. Retail rescue groups (those who make MONEY off selling dogs) frequently make up dramatic stories to attract buyers to their shelter dogs or “rescues”. Many of these groups import dogs from other shelters and do NOT rescue them from anywhere. A shelter dog is NOT for every family. Shelter dogs come with baggage that can require an EXPERIENCED owner.

Shelter dogs have NO health testing and frequently have behavioral issues that take years of training to overcome. Health care and training for a shelter dog can cost THOUSANDS of dollars and still not result in a quality pet especially one suitable for a family with children. Obtaining a dog should be a time for rational decision making–not an excuse for moral preening. If ‘adopting’ a shelter dog makes you feel ‘better about yourself’, you don’t need a dog. You need a therapist. For a lifetime family commitment, which makes more sense? An intentionally bred dog of known characteristics, or one acquired from a mysterious group that hardly knows the origin, age or tendencies of the dog? Buying the right dog for your family, should be based on your needs, not anyone else’s agenda. Make the right choice for your family. No one can do so but you.

You are more likely to purchase a dog with health or behavioral issues from a shelter than a pet store. Many shelters no longer have young animals to sell and have to import them from other states and even FOREIGN COUNTRIES. More than 300,000 dogs were imported by SHELTERS in 2014 from FOREIGN COUNTRIES according to the USDA statistics. Yes – FOREIGN COUNTRIES.

We have seen a recent influx of dogs “rescued” from foreign countries and shipped to the US. I have two problems with this – 1) most of the groups rescuing these dogs are screaming about “pet overpopulation”, so how do they justify bringing dogs from other countries. 2) These rescues expect to bring these dogs in without following the rules. Again and again, we hear of imported dogs with no health certificates who bring in canine flu, parvo, ringworm, and even RABIES to our country.

Recently Canada turned away one of these groups of “rescued” dogs and they ended up in Florida for the U.S. to deal with – sick dogs that should have NEVER been allowed into the country, especially if we have a “pet overpopulation”. Korean “meat” dogs in CA and VA, street dogs from Turkey that are gorgeous purebred Golden Retrievers imported into the US – but we have a “pet overpopulation” Somewhere a Korean farmer is laughing all the way to the bank and a Turkish dog breeder has disposed of their excess stock. It is time for Americans to wake up and smell the dog poop – you are being lied to and used. Adopting IS shopping.


Some recommended reading:

“The Hijacking of the Humane Movement” By Rod and Patti Strand

“Animal Rights, The Inhumane Crusade” Daniel T. Oliver

“A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy” Wesley J. Smith

“The Death of a Culture, Understanding the War: Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare” David Fritsche

“Animal Scam, The Beastly Abuse of Human Rights” Kathleen Marquardt

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