Easiest Way to Bathe a Dog

Simple and easiest way to bathe a dog.
So “Fido” is starting to get that “doggy” smell and you know it’s time for a bath. You dread the mess that will result from wrestling him into a tub and the time it takes to wet him down and then shampoo him. Well, here’s neat way to bathe your dog that will get him sparkling clean and save you a lot of time, energy and mess.

Tools you will need for the job: Collar, Leash, Bucket, Sponge, Towels and Doggie Shampoo

You are actually going to reverse the way you bathe your dog. This can be done anywhere – in a tub, outside on a lawn (weather permitting) or on a deck. We all know how hard it is to wet a dog – especially a long coated or double coated dog. Following these simple directions will cut your time in half and you will get a bright, clean dog.

1. Place collar and leash on your dog and secure him or her in place. If your dog stands for you and you don’t need a collar and leash, all the better.
2. Fill bucket with warm water and add plenty of shampoo and mix it in well.
3. Take sponge and soak it in bucket and then apply it to the coat of your dry dog. Work it into his coat and then rinse. Repeat the steps above one more time. You will find the coat lathers well with soap on the second application.
4. Rinse your dog very well, to get all the soap out, and Voila! You have a clean dog with little mess and effort on your part, and you have SAVED water!

Dogs naturally have oil in their coats to repel water and dirt and it builds up over time and it can be very hard to soak your dog enough for the shampoo to effectively lather up and clean your dog’s coat. By reversing the bathing process, you break down the oils and dirt first, then you apply water and rinse. When you re-apply the shampoo mixture, it no longer has a barrier and will penetrate right into the coat and the skin. Dirt and dander will break down and be rinsed away. Just remember – thorough rinsing is very important. You do NOT want to leave soap residue in your dog’s coat.
Hope you consider trying this trick. It works very well, and I’ve used it in a grooming shop on all kinds of dogs and cats for years.

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