OPIOID ABUSE - the nation’s number one epidemic: Where there is a will, there’s a way

Cannot feed your opioid habit? Try your vet!

While thirty-three State laws currently require medical professionals to check their state prescription drug monitoring databases before prescribing opioids in order to see if the patient has a recent history of receiving narcotics elsewhere, veterinarians are not part of that equation and veterinarians routinely prescribe pain medication for their canine clients.

It appears that many drug abusers are now starting to turn to their animals for supply to keep their habits going. It gives new meaning to the term, “Dogs are man’s best friend”.
Passing a law to preclude veterinarians from being required to check state databases before they prescribe pain medication as is currently on tap for New Hampshire, is a double edged sword. While it protects our companion pets by continuing to all them access to needed meds, it also creates a loophole for those on the prowl for narcotics and who can currently fly below the radar by using their pets, who won’t tell. This leads to another concern. How safe is your veterinary office, clinic or hospital from burglary? Perhaps at the very least, there should be required installation of safes in veterinary clinics where these drugs are stored.
It’s probably just a matter of time until clinics unknowingly become dispensaries for the drug community. Food for thought.

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