New department at AKC established to help ailing clubs

Weaknesses within AKC clubs is hurting the sport of purebred dogs.

The American Kennel Club has finally begun to recognize that the organization is only as strong as it’s supporting member clubs and has developed a new division, the Club Development Department, designed to help clubs in distress.

The functions of this new department within the AKC include

  • Champion and communicate best practices and successes that have and are working for clubs.
  • Reach out and assist those clubs that appear to be in trouble
  • Develop educational material that can be passed on to new event committee members

The Club Development Department encourages any and all questions.  They feel not question is too inconsequential.  Their goal is to reach out and help by offering guidance and getting answers to assist clubs.

Questions to this division can be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Another worthwhile tool for clubs struggling at getting the message out about their events is the Club Outreach Department.

The AKC Club Outreach program enables All-Breed, Local Specialty, Agility and Obedience clubs to “opt-in” to sharing its clubs contact information and meeting dates with new AKC dog owners.  The goal of the program is to give clubs a direct method of communication with potential new club members and assist new dog owners with the access to local clubs and training resources.

Every dog owner that registers with the AKC and provides a valid email address will receive the Club Outreach email.  The email sent will include club zip code listings based within a radius of 100 miles of the dog owner zip code

Every dog owner that registers with the AKC and provides the AKC with a valid email address will receive the Club Outreach email. Club listings are based on the zip codes of the new dog owner and club. Club zip codes are assigned by AKC Club Relations based on club territory.  A radius of 100 miles from the dog owner zip code and club zip code is used. It is important to understand, this is based on a radius, not from point A to B.

This system can work well for All-Breed clubs.  However, for Specialty clubs whose geographical territory is large and encompasses an area with many zip codes and a couple of hundred miles, the radius of 100 miles won’t work.  Hopefully, the AKC will recognize this could be an issue and take appropriate measures to correct it.  We will see…

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