Canine Inflluenza Concerns

Canine Influenza of a strain (H3N2) not common to this country is spreading like a wildfire.

June 2017 - If you plan to travel with your dog or attend sporting events, BEWARE.  Symptoms of this new strain of Canine Flu include runny nose, fever, lethargy and cough. Older dogs and those with compromised immune systems run the risk of pneumonia and death. This particular virulent strain, previously unknown in the United States until recently, began popping up in the Midwest, where more than 1,000 cases were reported in Illinois and neighboring States. Six of those cases were fatal. Now, this flu has been confirmed in more than 30 states according to both Cornell's Animal Health Diagnostic Center and Dr. Cynda Crawford, a clinical assistant professor of shelter medicine at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

This particular strain most likely came from dogs imported into the United States for adoption.  Until the CDC and the powers that control importing of animals come up with more stringent guidelines for bringing foreign animals into this country and protect our domestic dogs and cats, there should be a MORATORIUM on importation of street and meat dogs from third world countries.  

We must all be aware and protect our animals as best we can by limiting their exposure and vaccinating when appropriate to protect them.

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