New Tool for Purebred Dog Breeders

In March 2016, the American Kennel Club posted an article titled, “Why We Need Purebred Dog Breeders”.  One paragraph in that article talked about dwindling gene pools in some breeds.  The article went on to state that with such small populations, if those breeds were any other kind of animal, they would be considered endangered. 

As purebred dog fanciers and enthusiasts, many of us are well aware of the dwindling numbers of purebred dogs at competition events and the resultant struggles of dog clubs to stay afloat. 

With fewer populations and smaller gene pools, many breeds suffer from a lack of hybrid vigor.  The more closely related dogs are, the higher the risk that any negative autosomal recessive genes will affect the puppies they produce.  Another problem facing todays breeders is overuse of popular sires.  Overuse of a popular dog contributes to lack of genetic diversity, leaving breeders with limited choices for future breeding, which can contribute to elevated levels of genetic disease within a breed.

These issues present a dilemma to breeders who are dealing with dwindling gene pools because a breed can only remain healthy if it can grow and expand.  

In this day and age, with the development of frozen semen, breeders have an opportunity to enhance their gene pools and produce healthier dogs.   the problem is, a majority of breeders do not know what frozen semen is actually available. 

Recognizing this need for a single source site, we have developed an excellent all-breed database where breeders and owners of semen can go to list their dog semen.  This all-breed listing site is set up to allow for a photo of your dog, a paragraph about your dog, information about who to contact if one is interested, and a four generation pedigree.  All breeds are included on this site and all listings are FREE.   An example of how information will show, can been seen under the breed, Norwegian Elkhound.  This will be a very useful tool to the purebred dog community world-wide, if it is utilized.

To access our database, click here.

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