Discrimination in dogs? - Really??

Ever heard of “Black Dog Syndrome”? 

People are now saying black dogs are being discriminated against – that they take longer to place when in rescue,that people tend to gravitate towards the lighter colored ones. One article went to far as to say people practice racism against black dogs. There have been a lot of theories put forth as to why people prefer lighter colored dogs over darker ones and they include: Black fur shows up more noticeably on furniture, black dogs overheat more easily, look more sinister – perhaps because of the stigma attached to Rottweilers, Dobermans and black Pit Bulls.

Claims are made that black dogs languish in kennels awaiting adoption longer than light colored dogs and that their euthanization rates are higher. As mentioned earlier, there may be varied reasons people don’t select dark colored dogs as pets, but labeling it “racism” would seem to be a stretch. For example, am I racist because I prefer a white car over a black one? Statistics prove that a white car is safer than a black car, can be easier seen on the highway – especially at night, absorbs less heat, tolerates dust and dirt easier (shows less).   What about the roof on my house?  Even governments can be discriminating in color selection.  For example, they disallow black roofs in certain areas of California because black absorbs too much heat.  Is that "roof racism"?  What do you think?  What about black colored houses or rooms?  Don't see too many of those.  Why?  Could be that black rooms are too dark and black houses absorb heat.  People prefer other colors and some cities even have color codes for homes.

Bottom line, there is no accounting for taste in society. People prefer particular things for particular reasons which is part of their individuality. I would hardly label taste in dogs discrimination or racism.  And by the way – yes – I would adopt or buy the little dog pictured above. Why? Because he or she has a kind intelligent look and most likely with proper training and socialization would be a joy to add to my family.

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